8 Spiritual Wellness Gifts That Your Grounded BFF Will Love

S.Hopping for others can feel like a test of how well you really know them. After all, there’s a good chance you personally received gifts that made you think, thank you … I think? and then ask who you are anyway, to make someone think you really like it. And since you would certainly never intend to make anyone else feel like – especially your cucumber-loving, mindfulness-loving friend – we’ve got you covered with the best spiritual wellness gifts you can buy this year.

For the family member, acquaintance, or old buddy who seems to love anything that includes introspection, grounding practices, and general privacy, the following gifts are almost guaranteed to be a hit. And don’t forget to show yourself some love, too. After all, you know your way around best.

8 Spiritual Wellness Gifts For The Friend Who Has Calmed Down To A Science

1. Hill Tribe Indigo & Organic Kapok Filled Zafu, $ 80

Photo: Etsy

If your aunt has just started her meditation practice and wants to make things official with an exercise corner, you have found her gift. None of these zafus are made from unique textiles from northern Thailand and look the same.

Shopping now: Hill Tribe Indigo & Organic Kapok Filled Zafu, $ 80

2. Customizable Boho Rainbow Notebook, $ 27

spiritual wellness giftsPhoto paper

The opening of a new journal on January 1st seems like the perfect ritual for a fresh start. This paper diary is available in both hard and soft cover and allows you to customize the name on the front for a very special touch.

Shopping now: Customizable Boho Rainbow Notebook, $ 27

3. UpWest Paddywax oil diffuser, $ 60

Photo: UpWest

Especially with so many people working from home, a diffuser is a really thoughtful gift. They say, “I want your workspace to smell nice,” and that simple gesture is worth a lot in my book.

Shopping now: UpWest Paddywax Oil Diffuser, $ 60

4. Wellemental, $ 60 per year

spiritual wellness giftsPhoto: Wellemental

The meditation app from Nicole Cardoza, founder of the anti-racism daily newspaper for children, deserves a place on every gift list. For $ 60 a year, you can give your niece, nephew, children, or other children in your life the gift of clearer mind and meditation lessons that they will carry with them into adulthood.

Shopping now: Wellemental, $ 60 a year

5. Walmart Kudosale Acupressure Yoga Mat and Pillow Massage Set, $ 15

Photo: Walmart

Studies show that acupressure mats help reduce stress, pain and tension alike. This affordable model from Walmart is a nice way of saying, “Hey, I was listening when you complained about your neck pain!”

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Shopping now: Walmart Kudosale Acupressure Yoga Mat and Pillow Massage Set, $ 15

6. Hatch Restore Sound Machine and Sunrise Alarm, $ 130

spiritual wellness giftsPhoto: Amazon

Your grounded friend probably knows a thing or two about how important their daily rhythm is to their health – and this lamp can help them optimize, optimize, optimize. When you come in at night it acts like a reading light that won’t burn your eyes like your current bedside lamp could. Then, the next morning, it mimics a sunrise to ensure a smooth and effortless start to the day – no booming alarm is required.

Shopping now: Hatch Restore Sound Machine and Sunrise Alarm, $ 130

7. Toned by BaggedEm in my Zen yoga mat, $ 60

Photo: BaggedEm

These elaborate yoga mats were developed by Toned by BaggedEm, a black-owned fitness brand, and are designed to enable all women to exercise with inclusive body pressure. “We believe (and we hope you do too) that it is time for our fitness equipment to carry the weight of who we are,” the founders write on the website.

Shopping now: Tinted by BaggedEm in my zen yoga mat, $ 60

8. Bearby Tree Napper, $ 299

spiritual wellness giftsPhoto: Bearby

Give your boyfriend a weighted blanket and he will love you forever. Okay, that’s not exactly how friendship works, but it’s still worth a try. Bearby’s weighted blanket comes in a variety of colors and kid sizes, making it the perfect gift for all ages on your list.

Shopping now: Bearby Tree Napper, $ 299

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