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SAN JOSE, California., September 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BrightPlan, a leader in Total Financial Wellness, today announced that it is expanding global access for its Total Financial Wellness solution and offering new services that improve financial wellbeing not just for employees, but for everyone continue to support and strengthen families. BrightPlan’s new services will enable US employers to provide financial benefits to employees in four additional countries, as well as assist them with tax, estate planning and student loan optimization services.

“An employee’s financial well-being is assessed not just by their willingness to retire, but in any area where finances can affect a person’s life,” said Martin De Beer, Founder and CEO of BrightPlan. “Our solution removes these barriers to relieve financial burdens, strengthen financial security and increase financial literacy for employees around the world. In addition, these new service offerings will enable companies and their HR teams to provide not only their employees, but their families with comprehensive financial benefits as well. “

Global support

As HR teams strive to provide a consistent employee experience for their entire workforce worldwide, BrightPlan is expanding access to its solution across international borders. BrightPlan’s award-winning holistic solution, Total Financial Wellness, will be available to employees in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand in the first quarter of 2022, with other countries to follow. US-based companies may provide employees in these four countries with access to the BrightPlan digital platform and fiduciary financial advisors in the country. Financial literacy is tailored to specific countries so that financial well-being becomes part of the global employee experience.

Financial wellness for families

BrightPlan now offers more opportunities for the whole family to increase their financial well-being. By enabling spouses and loved ones to access BrightPlan’s Total Financial Wellness solution, the company is helping more people develop positive financial habits and create a foundation for financial literacy that will impact future generations. Employee spouses can now take advantage of the full range of BrightPlan offerings, and relatives can access BrightPlan educational resources, as well as spending, budgeting and saving tools.

“Comprehensive financial wellness benefits not only increase company attractiveness and market value in the eyes of employees, job seekers and stakeholders, but also help improve society,” said Holger Mueller, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. “BrightPlan’s end-to-end solution offers more than traditional employee benefits with significant resources and tools that can help employees understand the impact of their finances, address current tax challenges and plan their financial future.”

Advanced services to support overall financial wellbeing

In addition, BrightPlan is expanding its offering to include dedicated tax, estate planning and student loan optimization services. These additions reaffirm BrightPlan’s commitment to provide a comprehensive solution that supports all aspects of employees’ financial lives.


Employee tax issues can be complex and lead to confusion and underutilization of benefits such as stock compensation. HR teams strive to help employees deal with these complex tax issues. To address this need, BrightPlan Total Financial Wellness is providing tax advice and planning and is now providing tax filing services for US employees. Users can speak to a tax expert, optimize their taxes and submit their tax returns for an additional charge.

Estate planning and legal advice

To support the holistic financial wellbeing of employees, BrightPlan is expanding its estate planning services to include legal advice and document creation services. Estate planning is an important part of financial health, ensuring that an employee’s assets are properly managed and distributed in the event they become disabled or die. Available at an additional cost, this service makes estate planning easy, convenient, and affordable for employees with bespoke estate plans and access to attorneys in all 50 states.

Student Loans

With 45 million Americans together owed $ 1.7 trillion For Student Loans, BrightPlan provides employers with the tools to attract and retain top talent by helping employees manage and pay for student loans as part of their benefit packages. This service helps employers identify employees with significant student debt and offers loan repayment strategies and resources that are tailored to each individual. It analyzes the individual situation of employees to find the best student loan repayment strategies, such as:

To learn more about BrightPlan’s advanced services, read this blog entry.

About BrightPlan

BrightPlan is a leader in total financial wellness. The company is the first financial wellness solution to be certified for fiduciary excellence by the Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). BrightPlan provides a comprehensive personal finance solution for all employees that is personalized in real time and integrated with benefits. The unique combination of digital platform and human advisors supports the personal financial goals of employees in every phase of life and helps companies to better attract, retain and retain talent. For more, visit

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