Carrie Underwood Shares Instagram Workout Selfie, Fitness Tips

by Marcus K. Dowling

2h ago

In a recent social media post, Carrie Underwood highlighted her exercise routine, often seven days a week, which, in addition to working on her recently released My Savior EP, has allowed her to stay healthy and motivated during quarantine.

“With the @ fit52 13-card draw we will receive additional recognition this afternoon,” wrote Underwood and mentioned the Fit52 training app, which she developed with her trainer Eve Overland and published in May 2020, and which has around 52 exercises or 26 exercises based on it designed a card game.

In an interview in 2020, the singer “Before He Cheats” told Women’s Health that she had favored her leg training days via the app. What was remarkable about this training were six supersets of three moves, each performed for three or four sets. Exercises included tuck jumps, Romanian deadlifts (with 30- to 35-pound dumbbells), walking lunges (with 20- to 25-pound dumbbells), and increased sumo squats (with a 50-pound dumbbell).

Regarding other COVID fitness tips, Underwood told Shape, “We all have enough worries and enough things to do in our lives. I believe in keeping things as simple as possible – from training to skin care. The fewer things I have to think about and worry about, the better. If it’s too complicated, I won’t do it. “

On other, more personal motivations, she added, “I want to be stronger. When I feel good in my clothes and start seeing muscles, I just want to keep going. I enjoy the way I feel when I run up a flight of stairs, pick up my children, or carry things. I like to see muscles and feel progress. “

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