Corporate Wellness aggregator GALF rolls out financial wellness modules for Companies

09.09.2021 19:23 IS

New Delhi [India], September 9th (ANI / The PRtree): Corporate Wellness GALF recently conceived numerous initiatives to make “Work From Home” less hectic. They support corporate customers with holistic wellness solutions including the critical element “financial wellness”.
It cannot be denied that “working from home” has reduced certain types of corporate employee expenses, such as restaurant and travel expenses, clothing and lifestyle expenses, etc. There is an element of cash that is saved or stored will. The economists refer to these saved cash reserves, the currently reduced demand and the willingness to spend as potential pent-up demand for the future.
GALF CEO and Founder Amit Vasistha, who has a background in investment banking, talks about the possibilities of the pandemic leading the population to poor financial wellbeing. He says: “There is a euphoric expectation that the withdrawal of the Covid will lead to an economic explosion due to people’s willingness to buy. In addition to the financial relevance of this expectation, emotional and mental aspects are also mentioned.”
Vighnesh Shahane, MD & CEO, Ageas Federal Life Insurance and GALF Advisory Board member, says, “Our reason for being at AFL is to empower people to create and live the lifestyle of their choice. We believe that he or she must concentrate on his complete fitness – physically, mentally and financially. We have also introduced various measures for our employees from the perspective of financial wellness, so that they feel comfortable and supported in these challenging times. including a timely appraisal process, regular salary payments, insurance benefits, etc. “

Amit Grover, India Head – Finance Shared Services at Avaya, said: “The economic impact of the ongoing pandemic has made it clear that employees will need to spend at least a year in emergency funds to cope with prevailing uncertainties. Financially stable employees are much more committed ”than those in precarious financial situations. The companies that invest in the financial wellbeing of their employees are more attractive places to work. “
Deepak Yadav, Founder-CEO Lounge, says, “I’ve never been an advocate of the strict lifestyle, but I firmly believe that we keep up to date with what’s going on around us and make decisions about it. Ideas about life in the moment and acting what you like are all great … but unfortunately this is not the right time to get high, but to stay grounded “.
Sumbul Siddiqui, Co-Founder and CEO of Knosh, says that as a company, we need to help our employees make informed decisions that are consistent with their financial situation.
Financial distress is a major source of stress in businesses and needs to be managed proactively. Conducting regular workshops with expert consultations, sharing holistic information, training / guidance, and access to financial wellness tools are some of the most important elements to focus on. This is exactly what the powerful team relies on. GALF as employee financial well-being will lead to higher employee engagement and productivity in the coming months.
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