Digital tools, emotional wellness: Covid-19 is changing how UAE teachers are trained – News

According to experts in the UAE, the rampant Covid-19 pandemic is leading to changes in the training of teachers in order to make them sustainable.

A new approach to the development of teachers with the understanding, implementation and mastery of hybrid teaching methods in connection with a future-oriented curriculum determines the agenda of a new educational policy.

The teacher prep programs incorporate newer online tools, virtual lessons, and emotional wellbeing into their courses.

“All schools had to ensure readiness for online learning if another round of lockdowns was required and had to switch back to online teaching. Government requirements aside, most learning organizations have the technical expertise and resources to move to online learning and were able to successfully implement them before the pandemic to meet the needs of today’s learners, “said Glen Radojkovich, Head of School Improvement Department at Taaleem.

He added: “However, schools around the world are currently exploring the benefits of digital learning and adapting their approaches to teaching to meet these needs. Teacher training, best practice sharing, student guidance, budget review and digital strategies were explored with the aim of improving access and sharing best practices across our 17 schools. “

As a result, early childhood and elementary and secondary education in the Persian Gulf is experiencing a merging of digital practices to meet learner needs while maintaining teaching methods that have been refined in classrooms and not driven by digital learning needs.

Sangita Chima, Headmistress of Amity School Dubai, said, “Learning and training for a digital future, with an emphasis on embedding curriculum changes and collecting assessment data to know exactly which students need support, are necessary practices to get in schools immediately To get attention. “

She added, “Creative and compassionate strategies for engaging students will enable transformative mindsets. High-level technical courses for teachers, ongoing training to adapt to hybrid teaching-learning and redefined student assessments through the effects of pandemics are completely new patterns and trends on our school’s learning path. “

While school administrators hope to be able to offer on-site learning as comprehensively as possible in the new school year, which begins on August 29, changes to standards and curricula have already been initiated.

Simon Herbert, CEO of GEMS International School, Al Khail, Dubai said, “Teachers have found creative ways to engage students away from their screens, knowing that a healthy mind needs a healthy body. At our school, we know that students who have a voice, freedom of choice, and autonomy have a greater sense of confidence and wellbeing. We insist on this from all teachers and also want to support and trust our employees, because this trust and the freedom to try out new ideas must also be instilled in every employee. “

Schools have also begun to focus on personal, social, and health education programs for their employees. “Our popular ‘My Health’ program includes exercise, arts, cooking, dance, and wellness classes offered by teachers for other teachers. As the headmistress, I like to study Arabic with my colleagues on Tuesdays after school, taught by one of our Arabic department heads. It’s good for everyone’s wellbeing, ”he added.

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