Dr. Kensa Gunter, Clinical and Sport Psychologist and Emotional Wellness Advocate, Elected to Little League® International Board of Directors

At its August 27 meeting, the Little League® International Board of Directors elected Dr. Kensa K. Gunter, a member of the Little League International Pandemic Response Advisory Commission 2021, as General Manager.

“On behalf of the entire Board of Directors of Little League International, we are honored to have Dr. To welcome Gunter as our newest member, ”said Hugh E. Tanner, Chief Executive Officer. “DR. Gunter’s expertise and leadership on the Pandemic Advisory Committee have been critical to helping Little League International deal with the pandemic, with an emphasis on the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our players and volunteers. Gunter’s continued guidance and expertise as we look to the future and continue to improve the Little League experience for millions of boys and girls around the world. “

Dr. Gunter is based in Atlanta and is a licensed psychologist and certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). Teams and offers advisory services for various sports organizations.

“Little League International is an excellent organization and I am delighted and honored to be on its board of directors,” said Dr. Gunter. “I am inspired by their commitment to the wellbeing and development of young people on and off the pitch. I look forward to working with this wonderful team of professionals and youth advocates and looking forward to further opportunities to contribute to their ongoing efforts and initiatives. “

In addition to her commitment to promoting conversations about mental health and performance, Dr. Gunter also called for recognizing cultural diversity and promoting inclusion in individuals, organizations and systems. In February 2021, Dr. Gunter accepted a position on the Pandemic Response Advisory Commission established to provide Little League International with the framework for how the Little League Baseball and Softball Region and World Series tournaments can be conducted in the safest and most responsible manner possible during this pandemic . As a result of Dr. Gunter created new resources for emotional wellbeing in Little League International and made them available to our participants during our regional and World Series tournaments this summer.

Dr. Gunter is currently President of AASP, is a member of the National Advisory Board of the Positive Coaching Alliance and a member of the External Mental Health Taskforce of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.

Via the Little League® International Board of Directors

The management of the property and business of Little League Baseball®, Incorporated is with the International Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has control over the company and has the power to appoint the standing committees it designates and to delegate any responsibilities it deems appropriate.

Along with more than a dozen members from a variety of professions and backgrounds, the Little League International Board has nine field directors, each representing one of the nine Little League regions, and proposed by their peers for four-year tenure by their district officers Region. The members of the Little League International Board of Directors volunteer in this service for Little League. They do not receive any compensation for their dedicated work for the program and the children of the world. Find out more here.

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