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In its 4th year, the Elevation Conference, a Christian event, brings together young people from diverse professional backgrounds and students from various disciplines to network for inspiration, empowerment and networking for the next steps in the new world we live in The event is scheduled for June 20, 2021 at the Holiday Inn hotel in Accra.

Under the theme of Manifestations, the conference seeks to strategically connect highly professional and hands-on conversations essential to knowledge and wellbeing and to provide dynamic spiritual empowerment as participants prepare to do more for themselves and their country.

Commenting on the purpose of this year’s conference, Rev. Evans Kyere-Mensah, Senior Pastor of GoodHope Chapel International and President of the Elevation Conference, said, “The theme of manifestation is bringing the best of our talents, potentials and strengths to serve God and land in the midst of the challenges of our world today ”.

Rev. Kyere-Mensah stated that mental health is now a critical issue and it is important for Christian organizations to speak out and not be afraid to do so. “We need to understand that there are challenges in our spiritual wellbeing around the world, and the Word of God, prayer, and other support systems can help us overcome these challenges. That’s why the Elevation Conference 2021 is also discussing mental health, ”he said.

Rev. Kyere-Mensah noted that young people typically don’t plan retirement plans because it seems aloof. The Elevation Conference 2021 will discuss pensions for young people and examine the role of entrepreneurship in our world today.

Rev. Kyere-Mensah believes, “When we are inspired by God’s grace and belief in him, we can live the blessed life we ​​desire and be lifted beyond the limits we see.

The Elevation Conference has been organized annually since May 2018 and has attracted over 1,000 guests; mainly young leaders, students and pastors.

This year the conference organizers expect around 5,000 personal and virtual participants.

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