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Chicago, IL, February 4, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – Drug Free Solution, Inc. The CEO has assumed the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Jessica Bass, University of Illinois Business Management Finance alum, has assumed the position of Officially accepted as CEO of Drug Free Solution, Inc. effective immediately.

As Chair, Ms. O’Malley will focus over the next twelve weeks, alongside key members of the Advisory Board, on filling valuable board positions in order to implement the growth and roll-out plans of the newly elected CEO Jessica Bass and the Board of Directors support. Honorary Chairman Genie O’Malley stated, “Drug Free Solution Inc. is at a turning point in a long and arduous journey towards implementing my emotional wellness system. Today, I firmly believe that the company created a means by which the public can now be invited to get to know the brand better so that the community can evolve to serve others on a greater scale. The Board of Directors supports Ms. Bass in turning her vision of life into action to connect corporate governance while meeting the community’s needs for mental health and emotional wellbeing. “

Ms. Bass, who volunteered with founder Genie O’Malley last year, feels more than ready to fulfill her visions and responsibilities directly. Ms. Bass, CEO, stated, “I am honored to take on this role as CEO at Drug Free Solution Inc. As I strive to incorporate my education, life skills, and what my generation is looking for in Emotional Wellness into the company’s clear vision, plan, and solution for Emotional Wellness, I am touched by the tremendous honor this stepping stone holds brought life into my company as a leader in my generation during this time. I look forward to growing our management team at Drug Free Solution Inc. where I can translate my vision of what I want to create within a company into management and its future goals for our chairmen, board members and shareholders. If we face our challenges in this next phase with Drug Free Solution Inc., we will work together to develop this incredible solution for people who are looking for solutions to the emotional needs of everyday life at home. “

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Drug Free Solution, Inc. The company’s signature product, Daily Feelz, is a three-step process combining self-analysis, breath and proprietary speech sequences that Ms. O’Malley has been developing, testing, and delivering in key markets as products and education since 1996 Services. Get Your Feelz On provides consumers, through a proprietary digital platform, with a way to alleviate the negative emotional symptoms of a variety of mental illnesses, including drug addiction, in order to reduce the negative emotional symptoms of detox and other related cognitive disorders, including depression. as well as several stress-related anxiety states. This suite of products and services is specially designed for eavesdropping on a digital platform that allows any internet connected smartphone or device to act as a portal. These products primarily serve the mental health and emotional wellbeing markets and their sub-markets which include fitness and mind-body. Preventive and Personalized Medicine and Public Health; as well as workplace wellness.

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