Ex-Gaana CEO & PropTiger co-founder launches spiritual wellness platform OMI

NEW DELHI: Prashan Agarwal, the ex-CEO of Gaana and co-founder of the online real estate marketplace PropTiger, has teamed up with Aniket Lila, ex-Nexus Venture Partners, to launch OMI – an online spiritual and wellness platform that aims to combine old Vedic methods with the new age lifestyle.
OMI can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. It has received undisclosed funding from Nexus Venture and aims to disrupt more than $ 10 billion in spiritual wellness market in India.
“Today the world is facing a multitude of changes in our lives in the way we live, we connect, and this has had an impact on the spiritual, devotional and spiritual well-being of the people as the population is as high as never before and growing. This dynamic makes the market ripe for innovation in this category, “said Co-Founder and CEO Agarwal.
Commenting on the collaboration, Co-Founder and COO Aniket: “We are revolutionizing the nearly 4,000 year old market in India by giving millennials the best of ancient India through a convenient, private, holistic and personalized platform. OMI will be your personal spiritual guide Our mission is to make the world a happier place. Most Indians are spiritual and this gives us a chance at the blue ocean. ”
Pratik Poddar, Principal at Nexus Venture Partners, said: “We are excited to partner with Prashan and Aniket. This is a deeply India specific problem with very large existing profit pools. Nobody approached the market in a millennials-centric way and created a product-oriented, scalable and trustworthy solution. Having known the founders for many years, I am delighted to be working with them to crack this $ 10 billion market! ”
Prashan is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and also an ISB alumnus. He was previously CEO of Gaana, India’s largest music streaming service.
At Gaana, Prashan was instrumental in growing the business from 10 million monthly active users to more than 180 million active monthly users. He also raised more than $ 200 million from Tencent to help make Gaana a household brand.
Prashan previously co-founded PropTiger.com, India’s largest marketplace for real estate transactions.
Commenting on the undisclosed amount of funding from Nexus Venture Partners, Prashan said, “The funding will be used primarily to recruit talent in product, technology and operations. We are looking for executives with a passion for the stage and who want to support us in setting up OMI from day 0. ”

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