Ex-Wall Street Banker Launches Financial Wellness and Literacy Company Finasana

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Finasana: Financial wellness and literacy platform

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Finasana explores the fundamentals of investing through entertaining, engaging, and easy-to-understand video and audio content.

After seven years on Wall Street, Gabriela Slemer, CFA, left her role at a leading investment bank to start Finasana, an online financial literacy platform.

My goal with Finasana is to bring things back to the essentials. Financial literacy is an integral part of our fight against money stress. “

– Gabi Slemer, founder, Finasana

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA, August 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – After seven years on Wall Street, Gabriela Slemer, CFA, announced her M&A position at a leading investment bank to join Finasana, a curated financial literacy and wellness Platform to establish. The website launched on July 27, 2021 with video and audio content complemented by hands-on activities and quizzes.

After working as an investor in a $ 40 billion hedge fund in New York City and as an M&A advisor in London, Gabi decided to start a new venture, inspired by her double life on Wall Street and as a yoga and meditation teacher.

Over the course of her career, she developed and implemented internal training programs for junior analysts and interns.

“When I was training junior staff, I realized that it is the language we use to talk about financial concepts that makes them difficult. When we simplify language, we make finance more accessible. The same applies to personal finances, ”said Gabi.

“On Wall Street and in everyday life, people just assume they know what a loan or a debt is. But many of us don’t, even executives in charge of corporate finances, sometimes don’t understand basic financial concepts. If you don’t know, don’t ask or assume it’s not for you. ”

Money is a major source of stress in the United States, yet basic financial literacy is not taught in schools or in the workplace. According to FINRA, nearly two-thirds of Americans fail a basic financial literacy test, a number that has increased year on year since the 2008 financial crisis.

Developed by financial industry experts, trained wellness practitioners and award-winning educators, Finasana content bridges a critical gap in personal finance. Each lesson breaks down key concepts related to financial wellbeing, budgeting, spending, saving, borrowing, and investing.

“My goal with Finasana is to bring things back to the essentials. Financial education is an essential part of our fight against money stress, ”said Gabi.

BlackRock’s Global Investor Pulse survey found that investing knowledge can improve the overall quality of life. When people take steps to invest their money, they are 43 percent more positive about their financial future, enjoy a 36 percent increase in their wellbeing, and feel 19 percent less stressed. Survey participants from all income groups and stages of life experienced the benefits.

“It’s not about how much money you have. It’s about your relationship with money, your mindset. Finasana wants to change that. “

Learn more about Finasana at www.finasana.com. Follow Finasana on Instagram.

About Finasana:
Finasana is an online platform for financial wellness and education. At the heart of the platform is financial equilibrium, which means giving money the space and value it deserves so that subscribers can use money to pave the way for their dreams. The short, curated video and audio content, hands-on activities, and quizzes developed by finance, wellness, and education professionals enable subscribers to regain control of their finances. Finasana is committed to simplicity and accessibility to make financial literacy accessible to everyone in six categories: Investing, Budgeting, Financial Wellbeing, Saving, Spending, and Borrowing. Free and premium subscriptions are available now. Finasana also works with companies and delivers ready-made and tailor-made solutions.

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