Financial wellness workshop offers tips: Career and Professional Development Center, PNC Bank team | News

The IUP’s Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) hosted a financial wellness workshop for students on Wednesday.

The event took place at 6:00 p.m. in the Great Hall of Elkin Hall and was well attended by athletes, students wanting to meet class requirements, and those curious about financial tips.

Jean, a representative from Provident National Corporation (PNC), led the presentation entitled “Banking Basics for College Students”. This event was designed to introduce students to bills, budgeting, and banking, which are topics they may never have dealt with in high school before.

According to Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), 21 states require students to take a financial literacy course to graduate; however, only six states have a standalone personal finance course. The other 15 integrate financial literacy information into another course. Jean said these numbers were bad. High school is the right age to educate students about their finances so they can get a head start on entering college or professional life.

To raise awareness of financial wellbeing, NGPF is committed to Mission2030. The aim is to implement a one-semester, personal finance course at all schools by 2030 and to take it from the students before they graduate from high school.

My Finance Academy is a free website for students who want to learn more about finance or are looking for general life counseling. Jean said the most frequently asked question on the site is, “How do I complete a virtual interview?” Other frequently asked questions deal with graduate job hunting.

The website has a new budget calculator for students looking for help with managing their money. Jean said that My Finance Academy is more than just budget advice, it also provides podcasts, webinars and other various media for academic success.

“Just as college can be stressful for a lifetime, it can also be financially stressful,” said Jean.

Just as students would get academic help from a counselor or through tutoring, they can get financial help by visiting PNC or visiting the My Finance Academy online.

The CPDC organized this financial wellness workshop as the final part of its Career Ready Seminar Series. The series consists of four to five events per semester that focus on topics that prepare students for studying and starting their careers.

Kelsey Thompson, Associate Director of the CPDC, helped coordinate the event. The guest speakers they bring with them every semester can give the students useful perspectives and tips. They cover information that not all students in their respective field of study or department are exposed to.

Throughout the presentation, Jean provided strategies for creating a budget, information about types of bank accounts, creditworthiness, and advice on how to protect identity.

She made suggestions on how to cut expenses by opting for non-branded products and choosing to make coffee and meals at home. She encouraged students to record their expenses for a week to see how much they could save.

Being aware of this marketing trend can help you avoid unnecessary spending and establish good budget management.

Jean said it was time to organize the finances so students could “get out of college clean”. Good credit and less debt can have an impact on a person’s future rent or job opportunities.

Financial literacy doesn’t just apply to accounting or finance degrees. Almost everyone will have to deal with financial literacy at some point, which is why it is important to everyone, regardless of their background.

The PNC branch on the IUP campus is not open due to personnel problems, but the staff are available to students at any time by telephone.

Each semester, the CPDC offers several events and a variety of services available to students and alumni.

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