Finasana, Financial Wellness and Literacy Platform, Launches

Finasana: Financial wellness and literacy platform

Curated Ways to Achieve Financial Balance

Financial literacy platform

Guided trails include videos, audios, activities, quizzes, and more

The online financial education platform Finasana was launched. Finasana is committed to financial balance and demystifies financial concepts with audio and video content.

The truth is, when you are a living, breathing person, you need to think about money because money has the ability to keep you away from your dreams or to pave the way for them. ”

– Gabi Slemer, founder, Finasana

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2021 / – The Finasana financial wellness and education platform launches today. The start-up simplifies personal finance issues with short, easy-to-understand video and audio content, which is complemented by practical activities, quizzes and recommendations for the next step. Finasana enables users to transform their money holdings, regain control of their finances, and achieve long-term success and wellbeing.

The name Finasana (Fin for finance and asana, a Sanskrit word traditionally used in yoga and referring to meditative posture) is apt as the platform’s focus is on financial balance. For former Wall Street banker, registered yoga teacher and founder Gabriela Slemer, CFA, financial balance means giving money the space and value it deserves.

“So many people get stressed by money, or on the other end of the spectrum, they don’t think about money at all. Maybe they think that they don’t have enough or that they don’t call themselves ‘money people’, ”said Gabi.

“The truth is, when you are a living, breathing person, you need to think about money because money has the ability to keep you from your dreams or to pave the way for them.”

Finasana is committed to accessibility. The platform’s content takes financial literacy back to basics, prioritizing simple language and fun, relevant, and engaging storytelling. The videos and audios combine abstract financial concepts with real life so subscribers can understand what a term means and how it affects them.

Accuracy is also vital to Finasana’s mission. All content has been designed, developed, and reviewed by financial industry experts, wellness professionals, and award-winning educators. Lessons are not compulsory. Instead, they equip users with the tools they need to overcome unhelpful beliefs about money, break bad habits, and make smart financial decisions – regardless of income or age.

Finasana’s content touches on six basic categories: financial wellbeing, budgeting, spending, saving, borrowing, and investing. Each category is broken down into paths, which are curated collections of videos, audios, activities, quizzes, and recommendations for the next step.

Subscribers can delve into content in turn or jump back and forth between paths depending on their goals and interests.

“Finasana was developed with flexibility in mind,” said Gabi.

“We are aware that the financial situation of two people is not the same, so we have created an individual experience in which you can choose your own adventure.”

Basic subscriptions are free and give users a taste of Finasana’s trails, blog posts, and newsletter. Premium users can choose between monthly or annual billing, with annual subscribers benefiting from a discount of 35 percent.

“Registration is quick and easy. It takes less than two minutes to get started and you can log in with your Google or Facebook account or your email address, ”confirms Gabi.

“Our content applies to anyone who uses money anywhere in the world. If you want to work towards financial freedom, Finasana is for you. “

The Finasana team is well on the way to releasing the Android and iOS apps this summer. New content is also in development.

Learn more about Finasana at Follow Finasana on Instagram.

About Finasana:
Finasana is an online platform for financial wellness and education. At the heart of the platform is financial equilibrium, which means giving money the space and value it deserves so subscribers can use money to pave the way for their dreams. The short, curated video and audio content, hands-on activities, and quizzes developed by finance, wellness, and education professionals enable subscribers to regain control of their finances. Finasana is committed to simplicity and accessibility to make financial literacy accessible to everyone in six categories: Investing, Budgeting, Financial Wellbeing, Saving, Spending, and Borrowing. Free and premium subscriptions are available now. Finasana also works with companies and delivers ready-made and tailor-made solutions.

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