GreenPath Financial Wellness Employee Recognized as 2021 Outstanding Advocate by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling®

FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The National Foundation for Credit Counseling® (NFCC®) proudly honored six individuals and one NFCC member agency for their efforts in pursuit of excellence and promoting the financial health of consumers. The winners were announced at the NFCC’s “Awards of Excellence” live streaming event on November 18, 2021. Among those recognized as Outstanding Advocate 2021 is Omari Hall, Learning Experience Designer for GreenPath Financial Wellness, whose passion to help others has had a positive impact on underrepresented communities in Detroit.

“Omari Hall serves as an example of how a person can make a difference when they become the embodiment of the change they want in the world,” said Bruce McClary, NFCC senior vice president, Membership and Communications. “His work reflects the core values ​​of all NFCC members, offering hope and trustworthy solutions to those who need help in achieving their financial goals.”

As a community organizer in his hometown of Detroit, Omari has long recognized the systemic factors that have contributed to some of the city’s most pressing problems such as economic and housing inequality. After joining GreenPath, Omari realized that one of the underlying factors that led to the city’s poverty cycle was a lack of access to financial education. He became very aware of the importance of having access to relevant financial education for Detroiters to a decent quality of life, and how much influence he and his colleagues at GreenPath can have by advocating for those in need.

“My passion revolves around the question, ‘How can we recognize the acquired distrust of Black and Brown Detroit financial services systems while creating and promoting meaningful financial wellbeing content for this community?’ It is an honor to be recognized by my colleagues at the NFCC for advocating change in my community, ”said Hall.

With his experience as a GreenPath financial advisor and dedication to human centered design, Omari led the development of financial educational resources, including a digital learning experience designed to improve creditworthiness, to improve the needs of Black and Brown clients to improve their creditworthiness to improve. As a Learning Experience Designer, Omari is a major contributor to additional courses offered to the public, such as the recently published course for those earning the Advanced Child Tax Credit.

Kristen Holt, President and CEO of GreenPath: “This recognition from NFCC recognizes Omari’s important contributions to GreenPath and helps us envision a world of equitable results where people can find themselves in financial literacy and resources making their unique journey appreciate. With Omari’s efforts and the work he leads, that dream will one day come true for Detroit and beyond. ”

GreenPath is the most nominated national nonprofit agency overall under the NFCC Awards of Excellence 2021 program. Other GreenPath nominees include: Brian Brown (Household Goods of the Year); Alexandra Cisneros (finance educator); Client of credit counseling Victoria Garcia Milligan (Brighter Financial Future Award); and Lauren Simon (Loan Advisor of the Year). To learn more about Omari Hall and the work that led to this recognition, visit:

About GreenPath Financial Wellbeing

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