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All aspects of wellbeing will receive attention as the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference continues.

Wellness and wellbeing topics anchor the agenda of the second day of the free, virtual Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

This is because the COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform the workforce and workforce planning. The benefits are central to helping employees navigate next steps, be it physical, emotional, or financial wellbeing. Therefore, the sessions on the second day of the conference will focus on these and other issues. The event runs through Thursday with more than 80 speakers covering a variety of topics. Register here.

Jessica Brooks

Day two begins with a main discussion on how better performance design can help organizations eliminate racial inequalities. An important discussion nearly a year after George Floyd’s murder prompted staff to ask for more about DEI. Andrea Trudelle, who was responsible for global benefits at NVIDIA and Box, and Jessica Brooks, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, hear personal stories about the reality of racial differences in healthcare.

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Jennifer Benz, Senior Vice President and Head of Communications at Segal Benz, will moderate the discussion, which begins on Wednesday at 11.00 a.m. (CET).

Ultimately, financial wellbeing will be the topic of Melissa Gopnik, senior vice president for financial security at the Commonwealth non-profit. In her keynote, which starts at 4 p.m., strategies will be presented that have been greatly relieved by the pandemic. Beyond education, Gopnik said, action is key. Read more here.

Financial security will also be on the agenda earlier in the day when conference leader Kathryn Mayer sits down with personal finance expert Suze Orman to discuss the latest trend in perks: emergency savings. This session starts at 12 noon and is followed by a live Q&A with Orman.

Other key sessions include a session on Merging Work and Life for Better Results, also presented by Alight at noon. one to improve engagement and wellbeing by redesigning the PTO presented by PTO Genius at 1pm; and mental health improvement strategies presented by Total Brain at 1:00 p.m., plus multiple sessions starting at 3:00 p.m. with top experts. These Spotlight Sessions include:

  • What’s Next in the Mental Health Crisis?
  • how you can protect your workforce against burnout; and
  • Navigation under severe health conditions.

Don’t worry if you want to visit several at the same time. You can view all sessions until June 11th if necessary.

Click here for the full agenda and to register.

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