How Lakiah Bankston Advocates for Mental and Financial Wellness

As a woman in the 21st century, you can do more and be more. Women often carry lots of chores, both at home and at work, and it’s easy to feel alone and overwhelmed with the frustrations of living from paycheck to paycheck. It is important for women to always stay healthy physically, mentally, and even financially.

Lakiah BankstonThe mental health therapist’s mission is to help millennial women like yourself explore mental and financial wellness options for better, more fulfilling lives. It helps women develop financially to relieve stress in life.

As a therapist, Lakiah has recognized that the main stressor for women is a lack of financial literacy. It helps women strengthen their mental wellbeing and build generational wealth to reduce these stressors.

On reviewing research studies, Lakiah found that the stress of debt made people three times more likely to develop mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Therefore through their business Money and mental healthShe is able to help millennial women around the world learn various ways to increase their income and personal development to strengthen their sanity.

In today’s uncertain times and rampant unemployment, having multiple sources of income is an important asset. The connection between mental health and money has never been stronger and money is essential to different areas of our lives.

To help other women, Lakiah has partnered with a global collective that gives women access to an affordable educational platform where they can learn the profitable skills of investing and starting their own e-commerce business. This global collective, Rich Girls Trade, has helped thousands of women in over 50 different countries!

Everyone benefits when women use their power and reach their full potential, and that’s what Lakiah loves about her job. As more women become aware of the link between money and mental health, they are now becoming advocates of financial wellbeing and dominating the investment space. Self-care can only be possible by putting yourself first, and that includes stepping out of faith and getting out of your comfort zones.

Lakiah aims to break the negative stigma surrounding money and mental health. She shows women that it is possible to have more and be more so that they can take better care of themselves, their families and communities. It does this by empowering them to learn how to invest and create passive income to lead the lives they deserve and be able to influence others too.

Through them Money and mental health Initiative is grateful to Lakiah for the training and support she received from her mentors. And she regards it as a privilege to pay it forward by showing others how to take the first step towards financial freedom. Plus, you can partner with capable women with the same growth philosophy. You will be taught with relevant and accurate information by Master Educators and have exclusive access to mentoring mentoring with Bob Proctor to start your own journey.

Be a part of it Prosperity group of women helps you focus on both mental wellbeing and wealth building. Once you learn to make money for you, rather than the other way around, you can live life on your terms. This platform simplifies investing and e-commerce know-how. That is why so many are profitable and getting amazing results.

man empowering women more than ever and helping them build their financial empires with a positive mindset.

Published on May 13, 2021

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