How to make financial wellness your employee value proposition

How can HR help?

As the pandemic progresses, can HR leaders help alleviate some of these daily financial worries or stresses? Scott Thomson, Group Managing Director at Links International, sees leading HR teams making a difference by implementing new flexible Paytech solutions to support employees’ financial wellbeing. From experience and conversations with HR leaders, many have found that helping employees in this critical area of ​​financial well-being strengthens their retention and retention strategies.

“With employees under more financial pressure from a recession, HR has new ways to deliver financial wellbeing as a new form of employee benefit, expanding its role to help employees manage their financial wellbeing, and a unique one too Offer to offer their company’s employees value proposition, ”said Thomson.

Links International specializes in providing HR outsourcing services across Asia and has over 20 years of experience in the region. From their research, they found that offering financial wellbeing as a benefit helps improve morale, overall health and wellbeing, and therefore leads to better job satisfaction and performance.

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Ways to Provide Financial Wellbeing in Your EVP

The recession presents both a unique challenge and an opportunity for HR leaders. More and more HR teams are using tools such as Pay On Demand and Early Pay, which are easy and inexpensive to implement, to part financial wellbeing to make their value proposition for the employees.

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