HRchat Interview with Kayling Gaver: Enabling On-Demand Pay for Financial Wellness

Early access to earned wages at the push of a button

On HRchat episode 330, I speak to Kayling Gaver, co-founder and COO of Tapcheck, a tool that helps employers show up for their employees through on-demand salaries and financial education resources.


The questions include:

  • Why is it helpful for people to have access to their earned salary prior to the traditional two-week paycheck cycle?
  • How does Tapcheck help alleviate these issues as the effects of the pandemic are exacerbating people’s financial challenges and adding to the labor shortage that is affecting various industries?
  • What are the top 2 or 3 benefits employers see when prioritizing the financial health of their employees?
  • Employers now expect HCMs to provide them with value beyond time and attendance and payroll; especially in the area of ​​employee engagement. Why is employee engagement a top priority for employers right now?
  • In addition to Tapcheck’s on-demand pay solution, you have also introduced financial intelligence tools into your app. Can you tell us more about what this offers and why you decided to create this resource?
  • What is your vision of where the area of ​​access to earned wages will develop in the next 5 years?

About tapcheck

Tapcheck is a financial wellness perk technology that enables workers to access their wages before payday without incurring any costs to employers. Learn more at

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