LISSUN, A Mental and emotional wellness startup announces digital campaign ‘#LISSUN to your Mind’ for making Mental Healthcare for all, a reality| APN News

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LISSUN, a startup for mental and emotional wellbeing, announces the digital campaign “#LISSUN to your Mind” to make mental health care a reality for everyone

Published October 1, 2021

LISSUN, a startup for mental and emotional wellbeing, announces the digital campaign “#LISSUN to your Mind” to make mental health care a reality for everyone

New Delhi : LISSUN – a startup offering holistic mental wellbeing has announced a new digital mental health awareness campaign entitled “#LISSUN to your Mind” around the theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day – “Mental Health Care for All : Let’s make it a reality ”. Lissun is planning a week-long event starting October 3rd ’21 in the lead up to World Mental Health Day on October 10th ’21. The campaign will launch ahead of World Mental Health Day to raise awareness and address people’s common questions and their associated challenges. The campaign will consist of panel discussions and interviews with experts and personalities from different social communities to share real-life experiences of people who have struggled with mental illness. In addition, there will be events on art therapy, mindfulness, competition for students, etc.

The campaign includes a series of seminars on key issues and trends on the subject. Understanding the rising incidence of post-pandemic mental health problems, the brand has invited professionally renowned psychologists, psychiatrists, gynecologists, oncologists, general practitioners and activists to engage audiences and highlight the importance of seeking help. The seminars are open to everyone and will be broadcast via the brand’s social media platforms.

On the campaign announcement Mr Krishna Veer Singh, Co-Founder of Lissun, said: “We see a tremendous opportunity to integrate mental health into general health care. LISSUN is here to make mental health care a part of everyday life. To achieve the same thing, it is important that people feel comfortable talking about their challenges. The aim of the series of seminars is to share the experiences of people who have fought against it and encourage others to move forward and speak up about them. The panel’s experts will guide patients on how to treat it and find that it is only a challenge until we accept the fact that it is there. “

“We saw a sudden increase in the number of requests after the lockdown. There are patients of all ages, but most are professionals between the ages of 25 and 40. Although these people are digitally savvy, they cannot voice their challenges. We also see cases where a person is not even aware that they are facing a mental illness. And the number only increased during the pandemic. So we understand that LISSUN is more relevant today than ever. “said Mr. Tarun Gupta, the other co-founder of Lissun.

In addition to the topic “Mental Health Care For All: Let’s Make It Real, there will be sessions to discuss the need for mental health on topics that are often ignored, such as LGBTQ +, psychosexual problems, mental health in small towns in India, how to take care of the whole family, etc.

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