Marble Passes 20,000 Member Milestone on the MyMarble Financial Wellness Platform

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Marble Financial Inc. (CSE: MRBL; OTC: MRBLF; FWB: 2V0) (“Marble” or the “Company”), an AI-powered financial technology company that trains Canadians to better understand and better understand their current cash flow and loans Manage For A Better Financial Future, is pleased to announce that it has passed the 20,000 member milestone as it continues to establish itself as the most effective digital financial technology wellness solution for all goal-oriented Canadians.

Today’s announcement was driven by growing partnerships and brand awareness initiatives combined with several new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) digital financial wellness products through Marble’s AI-powered technology ecosystem. MyMarmor. Since the first iteration of MyMarmor As of its November 2020 membership base, the company has seen healthy average membership growth of 30% compared to Monthly with an average premium subscription retention rate of 7%.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SaaS industry has been one of only three businesses that have seen growth, according to Stats Canada (1). This was mainly due to the favorable business conditions when it came to continued growth in tackling the global pandemic in early 2020. In the case of Marble, this allowed the company to adapt quickly by introducing multiple products while gaining new members, while staying true to its mission and strategy. The business was perfect for working remotely, the supply chain was intact and continuous technological development with tight financial conditions was a matter of course.

All 20,000 members of Marble have exclusive access to the MyMarmor community, a freemium-based platform that enables Canadians to create the perfect foundation for budget and cash flow analysis, credit insights, and financial literacy discussions. MyMarmor Members can act on insights gained from credit and banking information gathered using Marble’s proprietary data verification solution, Inverite and Point Deduction TechnologyTM. Through Marble’s algorithmic audience segmentation, the data collected from each member month after month showed member behavior in their respective areas of personal finance to recommend further revenue-generating solutions to accelerate members’ goal towards optimal financial wellbeing.

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“Over the past 24 months we have invested heavily in developing a broader product ecosystem that is built on a sustainable and ethical method of acquisition, maintenance and monetization,” said Karim Nanji, CEO of Marble. “Coupled with recent marketing partnerships, it is great to see our efforts drive strong membership growth despite the economic impact of COVID-19. Given the challenges many Canadians face in improving their financial literacy and managing finances, this growth is being led by a desirable segment of motivated Canadians who lack access to affordable or critical financial solutions and who are proactive in the need to bring the ball rolling. We really believe in being transparent and fulfilling our mission of building trust in people to redefine their financial health. “

About Marble Financial Inc. (CSE: MRBL; OTC: MRBLF; FWB: 2V0) Marbles’ proprietary MyMarmor Platform harnesses the power of machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence to leverage their proven data-driven strategies through technology solutions Inverite, Score-Up, Fast Track and Maestro to provide a clear path to financial well-being and meaningful creditworthiness, Marble is proud to have positive financial futures for thousands of marginalized consumers since 2016, and we continue to establish ourselves as a leader in financial wellbeing by licensing our proprietary products on the MyMarmor Platform.

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