Meditate: How to practice spiritual wellness in times of COVID-19

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Most of us live our lives in a rush. Stopping is considered a waste of time. There’s no pause, but the quality of the output doesn’t match the effort. There is always something to do. The cycle never ends. In all this rush, the

It helps to stop or be centered in our hearts. You save so much energy and make better use of your mental energy to achieve remarkable achievement. Why did we forget that?

Lives are lived in fear. Ironically, you try to get away wherever you go. If you finish where you started, nothing good or new will be achieved. So break the loop.

Life has so much to offer. Pause and take note. In the current situation, your life is at a standstill and you are seeing how many of you are making so much of a fuss about it. It is okay, use the energy to get into the vibration of the knowing self, the fear will dissolve. The fear will subside.

Use this time to know yourself, in introspection, and to make a real connection with yourself. Living in a hurry is not life at all. It just goes through the movements.

Here’s a simple meditative tip:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breathe in a little more. Be centered. Open your heart. Let the light of your heart spread. Connect with your surroundings. Know that everything is alive and talking to you. Notice something. Connect with the energy and vibration of things around you. Do you notice the life in them? Feel the connection, the unity. Create love in your being. Be in the vibration of love. Give love to receive love. Allow the openness. Do not be shy. Keep your eyes closed Just feel. That’ll take a break.

Feel the love:

Have faith. Slower. You are a spiritual being. All realms, universes exist in you, choose the one that gives you pleasure, not fear. Fear creates all kinds of negative emotions.

The current situation is about jobs, finances, and children’s education, but don’t be afraid of change. It is all for your betterment, just do your best, live in the high vibration (of love and faith) and let the results work for you. You are mighty beings, the creators, why are you afraid? Fear cuts your strength, do you understand? Have faith. Faith is the norm, not fear.

If the home environment is in doubt, give love, be in high vibration, then all things will vibrate at that frequency. You have the gift of your choice. Imagine if you didn’t have that gift. What would your universe, that is, your world, your reality look like?

Practice spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual wellbeing means believing in one’s goodness / divinity. Believe that the Upper Force is there to support and guide you at all times. In the hustle and bustle of life, most of us tend to break away from our spiritual selves. It’s time to make the connection.

Here is another meditation practice to help you feel grounded, stable, and secure.

Sit in a meditative position. Focus on your heart space. Notice your breath. With awareness, follow your inhalations and exhalations. This relaxes the body. After a few breaths, bring your attention to your body and watch your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toe. Connect with your body now. Scan it from your forehead to all parts of your face, including your neck, chest, arms, torso, legs and back. Connect with every part of your body. Take your time. Be gentle, be relaxed, be aware. Awareness is the key. If mind / attention is not involved then this practice is pointless and fruitless.

After the scan, turn your attention to the pelvic region in the root chakra center and visualize a flow of energy (like fog, stardust or white light) from the Mooladhar chakra flowing down to Mother Earth. Feel the train. Feel the pull a little more. Feel the heaviness in the pelvic area as if you were glued to the floor. As you feel the pull, keep singing one (or two at most) affirmations of the following that you are attracted to:

“I am safe now and always will be.”

“I am abundant now and always. And always will be. “

“I trust myself and my inner guidance.”

“I know the universe has my back.”

“I have faith in myself. I have faith in the divine. All is well.”

“I love myself. I love myself. I am in the vibration of love.”

After a few chants, when you slip into sleepy calm, leave the affirmation (s) and just be. Unrelated to. Just be.

Open your eyes if you feel like it.

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