Move This World Launches Audio Network Featuring Two New Podcasts to Support Social Emotional Wellness

NEW YORK, 22nd September 2020 / PRNewswire / – Move This World (MTW), a leading provider of social emotional learning programs for PreK-12, is pleased to announce the launch of the Move This World Audio Network, which introduces two new podcasts: The Saracast : Conversations in Social Emotional Learning and the Emotion Motion Podcast.

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“We are excited to have the opportunity to use our audio network to have not only critical conversations about social emotional learning but also actionable practices for children, families and educators,” he said Sara LaHayne, Move This World Founder & CEO. “Social emotional learning has been our focus for the past 13 years, and the social isolation of home learning during this pandemic has raised new concerns as those skills have withered. Now everyone understands why emotional wellbeing is important, and how social and emotional skills are We are better functioning people, whether we are parents, educators or learners. I am delighted that the audience can strengthen their social emotional well-being wherever they are – in the car, on a walk, at dinner, before bed. ”

Since 2007, Move This World has developed social and emotional learning (SEL) skills that enable students to navigate the complex and rapidly changing realities of our world – a need that is critical to today’s educational infrastructure. Students learn how to handle their emotions, overcome challenges, and build healthy relationships. Adoption of these skills leads to school cultures and home environments that are more conducive to learning. The Move This World Audio Network expands the ability to engage in social emotional learning with two new podcasts available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and at

The Saracast: Conversations in Social Emotional Learning is moderated by the MTW founder and CEO Sara LaHayneand invites educators, educational leaders, and parents to build capacities for social emotional learning while nurturing moments of practice in each episode. Listeners will explore how Sara uses social emotional learning in her busy life as a parent, entrepreneur, and artist. The episodes are broadcast weekly and include interviews with experts in the SEL field, including scientists, researchers, educators and practitioners. Guests include Dave Adams, the director of SEL at Urban Assembly, Maurice Elias, Director of the Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab, and Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, the Stanley and Debra Lefkowitz Faculty Fellow in Psychology Temple University and a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. Learn more about The Saracast: Conversation in Social Emotional Learning here.

The Emotion Motion Podcast takes kids on an adventure as they explore their emotions through storytelling. Episodes are broadcast weekly and invite listeners and their families to stand up, move around, play, sing, and interact with stories that help children practice their emotional vocabulary, reflect on their feelings, and use emotional management strategies learn to support their wellbeing. Find out more about the Emotional Motion Podcast here.

Move This World Audio Network offers screen-free opportunities to study and play. Interactive audio experiences engage listeners in practices that promote social and emotional wellbeing. For adults, The Saracast: Conversations in Social Emotional Learning invites listeners to delve deep into the field of social emotional well-being. With interviews with researchers, scholars, educators and experts in the field, The Saracast combines the science of social emotional learning with the practice of applying SEL to your daily life. For children, the Emotion Motion Podcast takes listeners on a journey through storytelling to get children and their families moving and creative expression. You can find podcasts from the Move This World Audio Network on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and

Move This World encourages the development of Social and Emotional Learning Skills (SEL) to enable students to navigate the complex and rapidly changing realities of our world. Move This World is an SEL program that has impacted the lives of over a million students in 35 states. It provides educators and students with a robust, daily curriculum for empowering social and emotional wellbeing to create and maintain a healthy environment in which effective teaching and learning can flourish. Move This World’s extensive online library of PreK-12 videos and resources is based on creative expression and is designed to help students develop a common language to improve communication, build trust, and create stronger communities. For more information:

Twitter: @Move_ThisWorld
Instagram: @theemotionmotionpodcast @move_thisworld

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