Moven Partners with ApexEdge to Support Financial Wellness Solutions

Move has teamed up with ApexEdge to add breadth and depth to Moven’s financial wellness platform.

The goal is to enable financial institutions and fintech companies to offer solutions that save consumers money and services that enable customers to achieve unique cost savings.

ApexEdge is a partner enablement platform that enables financial services providers to become advocates for their customers by going beyond offering money-saving suggestions and actively generating significant savings on their behalf.

The platform uses actionable information and insights to identify and seek savings opportunities for consumers, and negotiates monthly service bills and subscriptions (such as internet, wireless, and home security) through its BillShark service – with an 85% success rate over 350,000 serviced customers.

Movens “Bank in a Box” operates in a (Banking-as-a-Service) BaaS ecosystem and enables a legacy bank or a fintech platform to offer a fully functional digital challenger bank within 3 months.

With a growing number of channel partners like ApexEdge, Moven can offer its customers multiple ways to enhance their virtual banking experience while increasing revenue streams.

These partners work with Moven’s financial wellness platform as APIs or SDKs to make the integration and implementation process adaptable and seamless.

Bryan Clagett, CRO at Moven, stated:

“We’re excited to help the financial services industry find new ways to help consumers save while living within their means. Banks and credit unions, in particular, can differentiate themselves by offering services that have a direct impact on the bottom line of consumers while supporting their brand ambitions to act as financial advisors. “

Steven McKean, ApexEdge CEO commented:

“It’s exciting to be part of the financial wellness movement that is embracing the retail banking industry. By partnering with innovative companies like Moven, banks and credit unions have access to the tools and technology to make real, meaningful positive changes in the daily lives of their customers and members. “

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