Nagnata founder, Laura May, on the power of spiritual wellness

Nagnata Founder and Spiritual Advocate, Laura May | HANAAH GIBBS

I wouldn’t say I had a spiritual or religious upbringing, but my grandmother was clairvoyant, reading tarot for all grandchildren, storing crystals around the house, and studying books on things like chakras. You and I were very connected.

I grew up in Kenthurst, Sydney and had an idyllic childhood connected with nature. Hence my passion for environmental protection and sustainability: the desire to take care of Mother Earth.

Yoga was my strongest practice and led me to meditation. I grew up with ballet and contemporary dance, but when I was 17 I tried my first yoga class. I’ve experienced many styles – hatha, kundalini, vinyasa – but overall yoga has taught me discipline and that has helped me as a designer. You can have all the creativity in the world, but design work requires discipline.

Laura May at the launch of the Muse X Nagnata CORE 02 collection by Nagnata
The launch took place in New Zealand and included a guided Pilates session followed by a nutritious breakfast | @lauramay_


When I was 22, I tried meditation on a two-week silent Vipassana retreat. It was a challenge, but I realized how restless and loud my mind was. I have always been a deep feeler and thinker. I struggled with my mental health as a teenager, played a lot and drove my parents crazy. Yoga teachings and meditation have helped me heal.

Spirituality is about connecting to a source greater than just the material world. I take the same approach in my business. I’ve hosted Mindful Conversations on Instagram because I’m always thinking about how we can serve our audiences instead of just being a fashion company.

Gary Gorrow from Soma Byron Bay recently visited teaching me transcendental meditation.

I have several acts of self-care daily that I do to get myself out of my head and back into my body. I love bathing in magnesium salts and oils and recently renovated my home to have two stone baths: one indoor and one outdoor.

I also practice a number of Ayurvedic rituals such as Abhyanga massage with a black sesame oil to remove toxins.

The book Kali Rising: the Foundational Principles of Tantra for a Transforming Planet by Rudolph Ballentine changed my life. Kali is a Hindu tantric goddess – the most powerful form of the cosmic Shakti primal energy, which is creative, life sustaining and destructive. I read it on a retreat in Mexico before starting Nagnata.

I try to live with an embodied sense of spirituality and a tantric approach; encompassing all experiences of life by interweaving the physical and the spiritual.

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This article appears in the November issue of Harper’s BAZAAR Australia / New Zealand, now on newsstands and available here.

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