Nebraska opening up vaccines to anyone, will adjust supply to meet demand across state | Health and Fitness

While Lincoln and Omaha operate through elderly residents, any adult can be vaccinated in some parts of the state

Dr. Gary Anthone, the state’s chief medical officer, said there were about 50 more cases in the past week than the previous week, although he noted that about 1,500 more tests were also done.

“It’s something we always keep an eye on,” he said.

Anthone said the best way to mitigate any potential spike is to keep people signing up and getting vaccinated, and continuing to follow harm-control measures such as: B. wearing a mask when appropriate.

As of Tuesday, 21.6% of the state’s population aged 16 and over had been fully vaccinated, and more than a third of adults had been partially vaccinated.

Pfizer and Moderna’s two-shot vaccines prevent infection more than 90% after people have been fully vaccinated with two shots, while Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is about 75% effective.

Anthone said the state has now identified about 15 cases of COVID-19 patients after full vaccination, although not all of those cases have been confirmed.

“It is to be expected,” he said. “I mean, the vaccines aren’t 100% effective.”

However, Anthone found that these cases represent less than 0.1% of all people in the state who have been fully vaccinated.

Ricketts also said Wednesday that he is due to receive his first dose of vaccine in Douglas County on Saturday. He did not say where it will take place, but he will do it publicly and invite the media to participate.

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