New Social/Emotional Wellness Program For School Reopening Available From C

The Jesse Lewis Choose Love movement is running a free social / emotional wellness program to support educators and students returning to school this fall.

According to a press release, the special “Choose Love In Our Brave New World” reentry session is designed to help students return to class or help them with distance learning. Individual teachers, parents, or districts can enroll in the program.

“Choosing love in our brave new world” will help students and teachers find their way into the new normal of education, the press release said. This special back-to-school unit was created with particular awareness of current events and the environment, and encourages the development of a growth philosophy and perseverance. Classes include trauma-sensitive, healing-oriented language and practices based on the latest neuroscientific and post-traumatic growth research.

In a recent telephone interview, Scarlett Lewis said who founded the Jesse Lewis Choose Love movement in honor of her son Jesse after he died on Dec. Had died in the school shootings that the new program was “traumatized and full of social / emotional traits” wellness. “It is specifically designed to help teachers, children and students integrate into the new school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the many different models for return to school, be it in class, distance learning or a hybrid model, lessons in the program can be taught all day or all week in whole or in smaller parts, depending on the publication.

Lewis said the new program is free and available online at

The Jesse Lewis Choose Love movement, according to the press release, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that aims to reach students, educators and individuals nationally and internationally and provide them with a simple but informed selection formula To provide love. The Choose Love For Schools signature program is a free infant / toddler through twelfth grade curriculum that incorporates the simple universal teachings of courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion in action – the basic concepts of social and emotional learning (SEL). Choose Love For Home, Choose Love For Communities, and Choose Love For Athletes are also available programs.

Lewis explained the formula for the Jesse Lewis Choose Love movement – “Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion in Action” – based on a message Jesse left on a board titled “Care, Heal, Love”.

After the “COVID hit,” Lewis said, the team at Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement switched from working on “version two” of its main program to focus on child reintegration. Lewis said she was inspired by Allegra Jordan’s work helping soldiers return from the war.

Everyone, said Lewis, is now experiencing trauma. And with traumatized students, Lewis said, “You must address your trauma first” so that they can “return to the present so that they can learn”.

One of the partners in creating the new program was the Tapping Solution Foundation, a Newtown-based foundation that, according to its website tappingsolutionfoundation, is committed to “spreading a message of health, healing and support by using the power of EFT tapping shares “.org.

“I’m just so happy we worked with them and we really deepened our partnership in the Brave New World too [program]”Said Lewis.

Some highlights of choosing love in our brave new world, according to the publication include:

• A personal video message for Lewis educators.

• A welcome letter for teachers in which they can read to their students that research shows that they are improving their academic and socio-emotional skills.

• Basic student mindfulness practices featured in videos and lessons for EFT (Technique of Emotional Freedom) by Jessica Ortner, the Knock Solution, and Healthy Compassionate Connection by Kate MacKinnon.

• Strategies to help students identify and recognize somatic cues, feelings, and emotions.

• Skills and tools to deal with underlying feelings of fear, insecurity and anxiety and to respond in a healthy manner.

• Growth philosophy regarding the COVID situation and how we can move forward.

• Slides in each lesson to facilitate access and facilitate distance learning.

“Before any other learning can be effective, students and educators need to feel confident, a sense of belonging, caring and love,” Lewis said in the press release. “The goal of this particular back-to-school unit is to provide temporary support for any trauma or stress that students may bring with them after a long break as they begin immersing themselves into a new year of learning.”

According to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love movement, the new program was created as the gateway to the Choose Love for Schools program. These lessons are fundamental and provide students with skills and understanding beyond the units followed in the remainder of the Choosing Love For Schools curriculum that focus on courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion in action.

All free programs can now be accessed through Choose Love Connect, a community and program portal that also provides an opportunity for educators to share program and SEL tips, resources and best practices with one another. Choose Love Connect now serves as the “digital heartbeat” of the Choose Love movement and offers everyone the opportunity to join the movement via and become part of the solution to the problems our society is facing.

“You can’t always decide what happens to you … but you can take back your personal strength by choosing how you react when you respond with love,” said Lewis.

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