Pandemic Demand Inspires Wellview to Permanently Expand its Mental Health and Financial Wellness Programs

NASHVILLE, Tenn .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – According to the World Health Organization, businesses are expected to lose $ 18 trillion in productivity by 2028 due to stress and mental health problems among employees – and the pandemic is only accelerating the trend. To bring confidential and accessible support services into the workplace, Wellview, a healthcare provider serving the Nashville, TN, community has announced that it is expanding both its mental and financial wellness services to meet growing demand.

Earlier this year, Wellview added Coley Williams as Director of Mental Health to manage the growing number of licensed counselors. The company also added more financial coaches to meet the growing needs of its new employee financial coaching department.

Both mental health and financial coaching sessions are conducted through secure online video conferencing visits to simplify appointments and make appointments quickly. The efforts are part of a multi-faceted campaign to deliver the services employees need to be healthy in all areas of their lives.

“The Centers for Disease Control estimates that one-third of American adults have clinical anxiety or depression,” Williams said. “This has serious implications for productivity, families, and society at large, in addition to the costly burden on patients. So we’re not just bringing patients together with a mental health provider. We train and enable this vendor to be a connector and help them partner with other vendors who can help, such as: B. a personal trainer, nutritionist or financial coach. This is really what Wellview does differently and why we can achieve such great results for our patients. ”

The virtual platform for mental health services in particular offers a number of advantages. The negotiated prices the company offers mean employers can offer a licensed clinician’s services for 60 to 80 percent less than they’d expect from regular providers, with a fraction of the waiting time for an appointment. The staff can only access the experts for one or two sessions or for a longer engagement, depending on their needs.

“We forecast a 94 percent increase in demand for mental health services over the next few years,” said Dr. Cole Barfield, Wellview Chief Medical Officer. “We’ve found over the past year that employees are experiencing more difficulties at work and at home, including an increase in financial stress. When a company has Wellview as a healthcare partner, we can handle the ups and downs. We have one Relationship with employees so that we can intervene before they reach a crisis point. We are able to cut costs and provide employees with treatment that is really timely and meaningful. ”

“We are excited to grow our business to help the workforce,” said Barfield. “When employees are happier and more productive, they become better employees with more engagement and loyalty. Not only do we see employees thriving in the work environment, but also growing and developing as a person outside of work. They really can live their best life. We are honored and humbled to be a part of it, ”he added.

About Wellview:

Founded in 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee, Wellview is a digital health platform providing community care services to employers looking to cut costs and improve clinical outcomes. Since its inception, Wellview has worked with companies ranging from small startups to large corporations in the United States for record-breaking healthcare engagements, improved clinical outcomes, and cost reduction rates. The company expects further double-digit growth in 2021. To learn more about Wellview, please visit

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