Regina King Partners With Wells Fargo to Help Promote Financial Wellness Amongst Underserved Communities

Regina King is a partnership with Wells Fargo promote financial health.

Wells Fargo has named actress, producer, and director Regina King the face of a new credit card ad, but the company is also partnering with King to advance financial well-being in underserved and black and brown communities. “I was drawn to Wells Fargo given the bank’s continued commitment to underserved communities,” King said in an interview with Essence.

One of the ways Wells Fargo is helping create fairer avenues for black and brown commuters within the banking industry is by donating $ 1 million to encourage more blacks to join Kollab, a new program in Los Angeles showing career opportunities for underserved children In the city.

“I was born and raised in LA, so Wells Fargo’s investment in Kollab’s work has resonated with me,” King told the publication. “As a product of the LA Unified School District, I am aware of the lack of resources that black children in the public school system do not provide at a young age. It’s unbelievable that I can help change that. “

King says she supports Wells Fargo’s new Active Cashcard and mentions that users will receive a cash reward for everything they buy.

“When you hear about credit card cashback, it usually refers to something very specific,” King said in her conversation with Essence. “The great thing about the Active Cash Card is that you get cash bonuses for everything you buy. I had never heard of an ATM card that worked this way. It’s something that can benefit anyone my son’s age who is building his or her appreciation for someone like you and me. “

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