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The Department of Defense will host an inaugural Relationship Wellness Summit from November 16-17, 2021. This multi-day virtual event is designed to encourage members of the military community to strengthen existing relationships and build skills for new and parent-child relationships.

The summit will provide resources for attendees to strengthen their relationships with themselves while strengthening connections and building interpersonal skills for relationships with others. Participants can also share their own experiences and stories.

The event is open to all members of the military community – whether single, dating, married or parents. Subject areas will be:

  • Reviving romantic and intimate relationships
  • Explore tools and resources to strengthen parent-child relationships
  • Finding support and building skills for individual service members

“Everyone has relationship challenges, and military life can be especially tough for established couples and single military members seeking connections,” said Lee Kelley, director of military community support programs at the assistant secretary of defense for the military community and family policy. “By attending this summit, service members and spouses can take the first step towards achieving relationship health, which is a critical factor in daily life, work, readiness and resilience.”

Participants can register for the summit here.

The inspiration for the summit was the success of Military OneSource’s “Re the We” campaign. The DoD created the Relationship Campaign to help military couples rekindle, retool, and mend their relationships – or in a healthy way to reset their relationships when a relationship ends. Re the We connects members of the military community with expert help and a wealth of resources through Military OneSource and the Military and Family Life Counseling Program.

For more information on relationship support, call Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 to speak to a Military OneSource advisor, start a live chat, or visit

About military community and family politics

Military community and family policy is directly responsible for establishing and overseeing quality of life policies and programs that help our soldiers, their families, and survivors be healthy and operational. Military OneSource is your gateway to programs and services that support the daily needs of the 5.2 million soldiers and immediate families in the military community. These Department of Defense services can be accessed around the clock around the world.

Via Military OneSource

Military OneSource is a DoD funded program that is both a call center and a website that provides comprehensive information, resources, and support on every aspect of military life. Service members and families on active duty, National Guard and Reserve (regardless of activation status), Coast Guard members when activated for the Navy, DoD Expeditionary Citizens, and survivors are eligible for Military OneSource service 24 hours a day worldwide are available seven days a week, free of charge to the user.

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