Relationship Wellness App LifeCouple is Aiming to Mitigate Employee Unproductivity Due to Divorce

SAN DIEGO, 17th March 2020 / PRNewswire / – A marriage ends in divorce every 34 seconds. Relationship struggles can not only negatively affect a couple at home, but can also affect the workplace. One study found that employee productivity drops by 40% in the year and a half after the divorce. It is estimated that some $ 16 billion is lost by companies due to loss of employee productivity while dealing with an unhappy relationship or divorce. That figure excludes employees who are in unhappy relationships and the impact.

LifeCouple offers ways in which couples can work on their marriage and relationship and turn the iPhone into a We-Phone.

For the first time, LifeCouple, the premier relationship and marriage app, is offering employers a revolutionary new offering of apps for their employees that drives relationship growth in a democratized way.

LifeCouple may be offered by a company through its wellness program to encourage couples to take a proactive or reactive approach to strengthening relationships and marriages. Just like mobile apps for meditation and health and wellness offered to employees, couples can now focus on their relationship wellness as well. Employers are now showing how important it is to them to combine work and family. Dr. Chris Fariello, President of the American Association Sexuality, Educator, Counselor, and Therapist, and Board Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, said, “LifeCouple is a pioneer and ideal tool that can help couples.”

“We really thought about the positive effects on productivity if we could provide companies with a tool that employees can use to work on marital problems and prevent divorce,” he said Sean Rones, Founder of LifeCouple. “The mobile app is designed and built using patent-pending science to strengthen relationships. Whether someone wants to keep their relationship strong or try to get it going again, LifeCouple gives couples the resources and tools they need. “

Backed by several leading certified marriage and family therapists, the app offers a unique program that focuses on the four values ​​of a healthy relationship: communication, trust, intimacy and conflict resolution. Couples can monitor their own relationship indexes and use interactive tools and activities to improve the relationship’s health and satisfaction over time. The app also provides access to expert content and resources through videos, podcasts, and webinars. It even offers daily motivational messages on various relationship issues.

One Apple Store reviewer noted, “LifeCouple is a winner. This is best in class for marriage apps. Learn more about LifeCouple when it was featured at Tech Crunch as one of the top 20 most disruptive companies in the world. We use the digital gifts . ” and did two live webinars and enjoyed the ability to take the pulse of my relationship. My wife loves blaming us. “

The LifeCouple mobile app is available for iOS and Android. Please visit for more information

About LifeCouple

LifeCouple is a smartphone-based relationship health solution app for couples. It fits seamlessly into daily life and deals with relationship and marital problems. Please visit for more information

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Couples use the phone in a productive way.
LifeCouple offers ways in which couples can work on their marriage and relationship and turn the iPhone into a We-Phone.

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