Rev. Dr. Amy Rio: Making spiritual wellness a campus priority | Local Hero

“The students really like to have only 30 minutes to spend time studying,” she says. “You can take the time and just sit and do something that is good for your mood. Research has shown that people who take the time – even if it’s only five or ten minutes a day, a few times a week – to focus on their minds, really help make every other aspect of their life positive influence. “

In addition to these group sessions, Rio also works with students to guide them on their personal spiritual journeys.

She does this work off-campus, seeing clients, and hosting group sessions such as spiritual journaling for the larger community at Wellspring Healing.

“My focus was really on women from all faith traditions,” she says. “Women have a lot to do with them in this society, and if I can help promote their spiritual well-being, it’s one of the best things I can do with my time. And I really enjoy it – it’s really a calling. “

And while she loves working with people of all ages, it is the spiritual guidance she provides to the young women at Salem Academy and College that truly fulfills her the most.

“My deepest theological belief is that every single person has this divine light within them. If I can help these young people to see the wisdom and power that they have within them, then that is one of the greatest things I can do, ”she says. “I am honored to travel with you on this journey.”

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