Saving money is top priority as more than half of Americans want to focus on their financial wellness after the pandemic

If you took a step back to review your finances during the pandemic, you are certainly not alone. A new poll found that 58% of Americans “completely” changed their attitudes towards money because of the pandemic, and almost as many (56%) believe that their concept of financial well-being has changed since the pandemic. The study of 2,000 Americans looked at the effects of financial well-being on their mental and physical health. In fact, the pandemic resulted in 48% increasing the amount of money they believe they need for their rainy day or emergency fund. The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Capital One, found that respondents added a month of emergency spending to their savings (an average of five months before the pandemic to six months now). Three in ten respondents said their biggest financial problem is establishing good spending habits.

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