Self-Improvement and Personal Growth Programs and Products to Improve Physical, Mental, Financial or Spiritual Wellness Propels the $10+ Billion Industry –

DUBLIN – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The US Market for Self-Improvement Products & Services 2003-2025 report from Marketdata LLC has been added offer.

This report is the most comprehensive business analysis of the Self Improvement Market worldwide since 1994. The study examines the market for “self improvement” or “personal growth” and products designed to improve us physically and mentally, financially or spiritually.

The personal growth market, like many others, took a hit in 2020 due to the pandemic and recession. However, some segments of the market flourished as Americans read more books, listened to audiobooks, and bought tons of exercise equipment / weight loss services. Competitors who hosted live events, coaching and seminars tried to switch to virtual delivery.

Market analysis for:

  • Books;

  • Audio books;

  • Commercials;

  • Motivational speaker;

  • Public seminars;

  • Workshops;

  • Holistic institutes;

  • Personal coaching;

  • Weight loss programs;

  • Apps;

  • Internet courses;

  • Training organizations and more.

Type of business, $ value / growth, and prospects for each market segment.

Main topic categories dealt with:

  • Weight loss / exercise;

  • Business / sales knowledge;

  • Business opportunities / investments;

  • Improving relationships;

  • General motivation.

Includes the impact of the pandemic on all market segments in 2020 with forecasts for 2021.

The study analyzes market segments / industry structure, size / growth of the market (forecast 2003-2025), the latest trends, the latest survey results from business associations (ICF Coaching, Audio Publishers, National Speakers Assn.), The transition to the Internet provision of content, customer demographics, in-depth Profiles of top 40 motivational speakers (Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Phil McGraw, Dr. Laura, Brian Tracy, Suze Orman, Tom Hopkins, Robert Kiyosaki, many others), top 100 infomercials list and more.

Contains a 100-page chapter that describes the activities / products and income of the top motivational speakers, as well as detailed competition profiles:


  • Association of Audio Publishers

  • CareerTrack (University Park)

  • Centerpointe Research Institute

  • Dale Carnegie Training

  • Esalen Institute

  • Franklin-Covey Co.

  • Fred Pryor / CareerTrack

  • Harper Audio

  • Hay house

  • ICF coaching

  • Jenny Craig

  • Landmarks worldwide

  • Learning Strategies Corp.

  • Medifast

  • Naropa

  • National Seminar Group (Rockhurst University)

  • National Speakers Association

  • New star

  • New York Open Center

  • Nightingale Conant

  • NSA

  • NutriSystem

  • Oasis center

  • Omega Institute

  • Option institute

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

  • Any house

  • Robbins research

  • Sandler training


  • Simon & Schuster

  • Skillpath Seminars (Graceland University)

  • Success Resources America (formerly: Peak Potentials)

  • The Chopra Center

  • The Electronic Retailing Association

  • TIME Warner

  • Toastmasters International

  • Wainwright house

  • Weight Watchers

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Source: Marketdata LLC

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