Social and emotional wellness student poll results presented at WFISD board meeting

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX / KJTL) – A gallop survey to measure student social and emotional wellbeing was presented to Wichita Falls ISD board members at a meeting on Monday.

Despite this year’s smaller sample size, Shonna Norton, director of social and emotional services, said there had been no massive decline in overall student well-being and was in favor of adding new categories of questions.

“Social and emotional learning are new categories this year. They replace previously measured career and financial knowledge as well as entrepreneurial aspirations. And personally, I’m in favor of it because it’s an extra layer to the survey, ”said Norton.

Even in a school year that saw a global pandemic on and off campus, the large mean of students who said they were hopeful for the future in 2020 was unchanged from 2019.

“In the first two years the responses haven’t changed much from this year, although the sample size is different as we usually all have students on campus and have been here until recently. I think we’re now at around 14. About 12% is off campus, ”said Kuhrt.

The gallop poll is one way, as Superintendent Kurht said, the district can get an idea of ​​where things are.

“We started this 3 years ago because we had the opportunity and then we started the strategic planning process and really decided we really wanted to focus on that. That is why we have used this data to give a kind of basis for our location. Said Kuhrt.

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