“Spiritual Wellness” Book Offers Inspiring Stories of Forgiveness, Transformation, and Healing

SAN DIEGO, June 26, 2014 / PRNewswire / – As an operating room nurse for more than 30 years, Dolores Fazzino recognized early in her career that there is a connection to the spiritual world that helps each of us on our journey through life. She has captured inspiring stories about invisible healing in her new book, Spiritual Wellness, in which she gives hope to others who wish to master life’s challenges with grace and ease and who want to embrace their souls and create the life they want.

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“Spiritual Wellness is a complementary and alternative medicine book that brings my personal and professional life together and tells stories of an invisible force that has supported me in my journey,” said Fazzino, a registered nursing practitioner (DNP) Nurse (RN) and assistant surgeon practice in seven hospitals in San Diego County. She is an internationally known media spokesperson and author. She is a leading authority on combining traditional medicine, energy healing, and spirituality to serve clients.

The book is written by such respected doctors as Dr. Yale Kadesky, plastic surgeon and co-founder of the Ashleigh Roach Memorial fire foundation.

“I’ve seen a lot of what Dolores wrote about. My latest book, The Art of Healing, also shows how to make the invisible visible and reach our human potential. We have to live by our experience and not be limited by beliefs The many experiences she shares can become a part of your life when you calm your mind like the still pond and see the true reflections, so read on and open your mind to the nature of consciousness and life “said Bernie Seal, MD, author of “A Book of Miracles” and “The Art of Healing”.

“I noticed and felt that much more was happening to patients than I could physically see. Over time, I experienced firsthand what was invisible. I realized that there is a connection with the spiritual world that helps each of us on our journey through life. ” The spirit world offers help in healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of us and these parts are connected like a matrix. I am an expert in assisting operations in the spiritual area as well as in the physical area, “she said.

“I have witnessed events where more happened than what our physical eyes can see. Since Western medicine was unwilling to hear of such things, I shared this information with a select group of medical colleagues and friends. Western medicine is the practice of “evidence-based” or research-proven medicine. All other possibilities are not reliable, do not exist, or are neglected. But more and more of my professional experiences have shown me a different point of view, “she said.

“In the course of time, as my clairvoyant vision developed, I saw many light beings in the operating room in addition to the physical people present. It was as if the beings of light were there to support the patient’s healing in another dimension, ”she said.

“Doctors trained and engaged in the rational world of Western medicine believe in my ability to see what they can’t and help patients in ways they can’t,” she said.

“The story begins with my initiation into the spirit world through the observation of a miraculous healing and traveling through encounters with the spirit in birth and death, helping to bring deceased souls to the other side and tragic events like 9/11 and forest fires. “

The stories combine two concepts: Western medicine in the physical world and energy medicine in the spiritual world. I work in the physical field and connect with medical teams in the spirit world. I work with doctors in the world of surgery and with spiritual doctors and healers to aid the healing of humanity and the earth. My stories have helped many colleagues, clients, friends, and family heal their lives.

At the end of each chapter, readers will see ideas for more spiritual wellbeing in their lives.

More information: http://www.SpiritualWellnessForLife.com

over Dolores Fazzino, DNP, RN

Dolores Fazzino PhD in Nursing Practice (DNP) from Case Western Reserve University in 2008.

Together with other medical professionals such as Just Alexander, she is pioneering a bridge between the physical and the spiritual world to help others with healing, transformation and wellbeing.

As a nurse, her intuition has helped her care for hundreds of patients. The ability to simply “know” things was helpful. She studied personality development, spirituality and non-traditional healing therapies such as energy healing or energy medicine.

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