Synergy One Lending launches financial wellness app

“We see this only as the beginning of our journey to truly differentiate the experience we can offer our clients and to grow our relationship with them as a trusted source of all kinds of financial information that gives them the confidence and understanding to that they need to make good financial decisions. ”said Steve Majerus, CEO of Synergy One.

S1 FinFit users can monitor their financial activities with the app, which also has tools for budgeting, credit monitoring, goal setting, investment properties and more.

“We see our solution as a great way to reach the underserved and credit-delayed communities with easy access to our credit information center,” said Majerus. “Ultimately, we expect to leverage consumer-approved data access to improve the way we offer mortgage and other loan category solutions within S1 FinFit.”

Synergy One currently operates in 44 states with operational centers in Roseville, California, Boise, Idaho and Dallas, Texas. The company recently raised a $ 50 million corporate bond that it will use to accelerate the growth of its retail and consumer distribution channels.

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