Three apps enabling financial wellness for all

Ask Tanya Van Court, CEO and founder of the family and child savings app Goalsetter, about the challenge of building financial skills in America and she will talk about learning a foreign language. Van Court, a Stanford engineer and the daughter of an Oakland, Calif. Elementary school teacher, believes that without the fundamentals of financial literacy, today’s children cannot learn the tools they need to bridge the wealth gap and ultimately thrive in their future be.

“The financial language is a foreign language, and the more we withhold it from certain sections of the population, the more it is outside certain circles and destined for economic extinction,” says Van Court. “To reverse that, Goalsetter teaches the language in a fun and relevant way, so that we can form circles that any child in America can be in when they grow up. ”

Van Court is just one of a handful of developers and founders whose apps on the App Store pave the way for generations of historically disadvantaged people, including black and brown children and their families, young adults, and college women, to secure their finances Freedom. From Goalsetter to Perch Credit, the app for building credit, spending the 21st

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