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Spiritual wellbeing involves developing an inner connection and harmony between you and all of the wonders of the universe. Avoid believing in the common misconception that spirituality is the same as being religious. Although there is an overlap between spiritual well-being and religion, religion is only part of spirituality and is not a requirement to fully embrace spirituality.

Just as there are several ways that individuals can promote wellbeing, there is more than one way to be in tune with their spiritual wellbeing. Think about how you can engage with your spirituality to meet your individual needs. Ask yourself, “Where do I find meaning?” or “How do I feel connected?” are questions you can ask to get in touch with your spiritual side. Think of your spiritual wellbeing as a side of you that needs to be nurtured, for it is a dimension that needs to be nurtured and fueled by your individual preferences regarding beliefs, values, and connectedness. Here are some tips that can lead you to greater spiritual wellbeing:

Think positive
Your feelings are deeply intertwined with your spirituality, so it is important to think positively. Show gratitude every day, including for the things we take for granted. When you increase the feeling of optimism, you see the world as a better place and have the potential to spread joy around those around you.

Build resilience
Recognize when something is bothering you and take the time to process how it makes you feel. Resilience accepts the things we cannot change. Even when you’re having a bad day, try to find inspiration in the good that hasn’t happened yet. Resilience helps us to find a balance in our life and to redefine our perspective on life.

Achieve your goals
Incorporate calm reflection, prayer, and / or meditation daily to help you consider what is important to you. Ask yourself how you can align your actions with your core beliefs and values. Then set small goals for yourself and celebrate your successes more often without losing sight of your goals.

Emphasize Your Spiritual Wellbeing Using These Tips To Prepare For Wellbeing. Build a solid foundation for spiritual wellbeing by thinking positively, being resilient, and achieving your goals.

Support your wellbeing
Join Live Well with EIGHT at STATE, a free incentive program that supports Illinois State University students, staff, and faculty. The Eight at State initiative underscores the importance of a holistic approach to wellbeing by deliberately focusing on eight dimensions of wellbeing: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and professional. Engaging with Live Well is simple: participants record everyday activities as the program progresses that are aligned with one or more of the eight dimensions to track progress. Points are collected from recorded activities and participants can win prizes.

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