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Visions Federal Credit Union is now accepting applications for its Financial Wellness Boot camp Competition.

This unique competition offers Visions members the opportunity to improve their personal finances while earning the chance to win $ 10,000. Applications are reviewed by an internal committee of employees and a total of four members are selected to participate in the program.

Once they join the program, they begin a nine-month, guided curriculum to help them meet their financial goals, and one lucky participant receives the grand prize. Participants meet monthly with a designated branch trainer, delve into resources for financial wellbeing, and even create monthly video diaries to track their progress.

“Every day we hear stories from our members and employees like, ‘Oh boy, I didn’t know this was possible,'” said Ty Muse, President / CEO of Visions. “This program is designed to highlight what is possible when someone sets a goal, works hard for it, and does it with a financial partner who really cares about them. It’s great to win $ 10,000, but what we’re really trying to do here is to inspire and teach people how to manage their finances in a long-term and sustainable manner. “

Applications can only be submitted online until April 30th at

What is it?

The Financial Wellness Bootcamp is a competition for members who want to improve their unique and personal financial situation. Upon successful completion, the winner will receive $ 10,000.

How many members are selected?

Applicants will select (4) members with (1) US $ 10,000 winners.

Where can you apply?

Applications are only accepted at

When can applications be submitted?

5.-30. April.

When are the members selected?

June 4th, competition starts June 7th.

When does the competition end?

February 28, 2022.

Who is a good candidate?

  • Someone looking to fix their damaged credit score
  • Someone is trying to buy their first house
  • Someone hoping to get out of debt
  • Someone struggling with student loans
  • Someone with little to no savings

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