Watch — Schools, COVID & Mental Health: Experts Talk About Boosting Students’ Resilience and Social-Emotional Wellness Amid the Pandemic

ÖOn April 15, the 74 was honored to host a special panel discussion on Students, Families and Mental Health, where experts will advise how adults can best help children face mental health issues amid the chaos of COVID-19.

The correspondent Bekah McNeel led the conversation with Janelle Bradshaw, CEO of Public Prep, child psychologist and Dr. Dana Crawford, scientist at the Columbia Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, and Dr. Ryan Padrez, pediatrician and medical director at Stanford Elementary School. Watch the full replay:

The event coincided with the recent launch of the Big Heart World initiative, a platform developed by Sparkler Learning and Noggin to help parents, caregivers, and educators address the pressing social and emotional needs of young children.

Prior to the webcast, Julia Levy, Executive Director of Sparkler, posted an article detailing the platform: “The Big Heart World initiative is designed to help parents and educators meet the urgent social and emotional needs America’s young children are currently experiencing during COVID – to have. 19 and provide action-oriented tools and resources to help adults support healthy social and emotional development in children, ”wrote Levy.

Working with nonprofit partners like the National Head Start Association and the Class-Level Reading Campaign, she said the initiative “brings out monthly content that focuses on the core areas of social and emotional learning: self-awareness; Awareness of others; and relationships with others. “

Parents, educators and families can find out more on special pages on Big Heart World. In this breakdown, Levy has also summarized some important findings from the conversation on April 15.

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