WeMoney Launches Community Aiming To Help Lift Aussie Financial Wellness

The money management app WeMoney created a community where Australians can learn how to budget and improve their financial literacy.

The community features a number of fin influencers from other channels such as Youtube and Tiktok who create content on the Wemoney platform.

Fin influencers are a new generation of influencers – they are financial influencers. The fin influencers offer their audience tips, tricks and knowledge about money.

Users can learn from a variety of financial content creators such as TashInvests, Aussie Money Man, Shesonthemoney, Justin Baldori, CaptainFi, Aussiedebtfreegirl, BrokeGirlWealth, MoneySavvyMamma, and more.

The money management app allows members to link multiple accounts in one place, keep track of their net worth and creditworthiness in one place for a complete picture of their financial health.

The introduction of the community feature aims to provide a solution to the financial crisis by allowing users to learn from each other and ask money questions in a secure, supported environment.

Dan Jovevski, Founder and CEO of WeMoney, said, “Many people are not taught financial literacy when they are young and by the time they are twenty they can take on a lot of debts that can bring them into conflict in life.”

“Financial literacy is incredibly important to Australians, and by making it a central part of our community function, we’re helping them learn these skills and deliver value to WeMoney members.”

The community function is available to all users of the app, which can be downloaded for free and has already recorded over 100,000 downloads since it was launched in September last year.

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