Why It’s Important That Black Women Prioritize Their Emotional Wellness

Millennials and Gen Zers are able to use imparted wisdom to avoid some of the struggles our foremothers went through, especially when it comes to emotions. It was once normal and even preferred that we keep silent about the struggles we endure, including the effects of racism and misogyny. Now, in addition to speaking loudly about our trials, we are working together to heal as a unit.

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During a timely panel discussion with the appropriate title All The Rag: Embracing, Releasing And Managing Your Emotions and moderated by GU editor Brooklyn White im 2021 Girls United Summit, Artist & model Selah Marley, Singer Tangina stone and certified licensed professional consultant Nicola Pierre-Smith shared their experiences and findings on the subject of emotion management.

“I think in this generation a lot of people have gone soft, so to speak, and understood that mental health is important,” said Marley. She also spoke about her parents Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley and revealed that they supported her on her mental health journey. “[T]Thank goodness my mother … my parents were very supportive and asked, ‘Would you like to talk to someone about this?’ “

When we asked about the moment she realized she needed to prioritize her wellbeing, Stone said, “[I] I started to take it really seriously maybe 5 years ago when I wrote a song called ‘Anxious’ that I released. ”Stone is a singer-songwriter who has been acclaimed by Billboard, The FADER, Teen Vogue and others.

Pierre-Smith let us know that the first step in balancing our emotions is to acknowledge that they exist. “[S]o, the first step is to realize that emotions are neither good nor bad. They are just the body’s way of showing us that this is how we experience the world around us. ”

It is important that we check in with ourselves and be honest about our needs so that we can live lives where we don’t have to reduce any part of ourselves to thrive. Emotional wellbeing is the key.

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