Women’s Emotional Wellness Center launches Partial Hospitalization Program exclusively for women

The Women’s Emotional Wellness Center (WEWC) in König von Preußen is proud to offer one of the few well-known Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) exclusively for women across the country. The WEWC PHP was specially developed for women aged 18 and over whose mental health symptoms require more care than intensive outpatient services, but who do not require the intensity of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.

What is the WEWC PHP?
Our WEWC PHP Skill Building and Process Program is designed for women by women and is educated about dialectical behavior therapy, trauma and mindfulness. Treatment topics include emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, resilience building, exercise tolerance, self-care, and much more. “We are excited and honored to offer PHP nursing to women in our community by using a curriculum that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of women,” said Liz Bland, MSW, LCSW; Head of Department, Women’s Emotional Wellness Center.

When is the WEWC PHP?
The WEWC PHP consists of a multidisciplinary team. PHP care includes: psychiatry, treatment groups, individual therapy, and nurse. The WEWC Women’s PHP operates Monday through Friday.

How long will I be participating in PHP?
The average length of stay at WEWC PHP depends on each patient’s needs and progress in the program. In general, however, the residence time is approximately 10-12 treatment days. Frequently PHP patients enter the IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) intensive care unit. The WEWC offers a variety of IOP options in both WEWC Newtown Square and the WEWC King of Prussia.

Can someone join the WEWC PHP?
All prospective patients must attend an assessment session prior to enrollment in the program. This screening is designed to help the patient and WEWC staff determine whether PHP is the best treatment setting for a particular patient and, upon entry into the program, gives the patient time to set treatment goals with a WEWC therapist.

What does the WEWC PHP cost?
Care at WEWC is covered by several insurance plans, including Medicare; Please call for specific insurance information.

If you are a new patient planning a PHP evaluation please call Central Intake at 888.227.3898. For more information on the program, visit mainlinehealth.org/wewc and facebook.com/groups/WEWCMLH

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